Sing in Six

A short course in singing with others

Wood for the treesSing in Six is a safe place for you to experience singing with others while getting to grips with the tricks of the trade.  It’s fun, engaging, and informal. There’s no pressure, and it’s open to everyone, no matter what your experience.

While we can’t promise to turn you into the next Julie Andrews, Ed Sheeran or Pavarotti, by the end of the six weeks we aim for you to feel confident and equipped to enjoy singing with others.

Over six weeks you will be guided through the foundations of choral singing.  From how the voice works to what the #hashtag really means, from the ideal singing posture to seeing patterns in music notation, and from staves and clefs to projection and clarity, we’ve got it all covered.  We’ll help you see the wood for the trees, and hope that you’ll discover that you too can sing!

Who is it for?

3394259485_2ac0304a9b_oSing in Six is particularly aimed at those who want an introduction to the basics of singing and the foundations of reading music.  In the past, people who have come on this course have included people who had never sung in a choir, who found Sing in Six a useful way to build confidence and gain skills, and those who already sang in choirs and wanted to improve their music reading.


Our next course is planned to start in September 2021.